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This is an archive, ported over from [livejournal.com profile] tuesdayfic on 4/17/2010. For most recent fic, see [community profile] tuesdayfic.

All snippets from abandoned works in progress and most of the RPF are locked. If you want access, you can sub this journal and I'll open access once I notice or drop a note either here or on any of the other entries. I've recently had a little trouble with bots, so if you don't have many entries or mutual subscriptions or have a recently created journal (or you just notice that I haven't opened access yet), please PM or drop a comment. Thanks!

This fic list isn't quite complete. Tuesdayfic on Delicious has the fullest compilation of my fic, but you'll get everything if you look here combined with [community profile] tuesdayfic (there's a little bit of overlap between the two).

This entry may change in the future as I reorganize things, but this journal will likely not be updated.

Finished fic:

Four People Chuck Kind of Maybe Sort of Slept With, Five Times He Regretted It, And Once He Accepted His Free-Fall
The end of the second semester of his second year of Stanford, Chuck and Jill were "taking a break," and Chuck knew as well as anyone else what that meant.
In which Chuck kind of maybe sort of sleeps with four people, regrets it on five occasions, and in the end accepts things as they are. Bryce/Chuck, 2400 words, R.

Less Chuck Bartowski vs. Kidnapping, More Bryce Larkin vs. Shared Histories and Government Promises
Chuck had been kidnapped any number of times. By Sarah, by Casey, by the bad guy of the week—it was all part of the package of being the only operational copy of the Intersect.
In which Chuck is kidnapped, rescued, and kidnapped again. Bryce/Chuck, 2000 words, R.

Harry Potter:
Love and Other Childish Ways
"Do you always try so hard to be a black sheep, or is today just a special occasion?"
Turning points, and how they got there. Albus/Gellert, 6200 words, PG-13.

Blot out the Stars
It starts with socks.
After the war, Albus is finding ways to cope. Albus/Gellert, 2800 words, PG-13.

Transition (the "eight twisting steps to mudblood normal" remix)
One thing (one of the few things, because Draco may have fallen far, but he wasn't a blood traitor, not yet) he was finding it easy to like about Granger was that she didn't pry and didn't expect any sympathy in return.
Draco isn't fine, but he's getting better all the time. Remix of [livejournal.com profile] riko's Transition for Remix Redux 6. Draco/Hermione.

Draco Is Going Bald and Harry Is Going Mad and Will No One Think of the Hate Sex?: Midlife Crisis at Age 35
“I don’t know how you’re doing it, but you have got to stop this campaign of hateful jealousy against my hair,” Draco demanded, waving the brush.
See title. Written for [livejournal.com profile] bookshop's Red Cross donation/fic challenge. Harry/Draco.

Hikaru no Go:
Vanishing Liberty
Akira was determined not to wave his hands as Shindou might, concentrating instead on keeping his voice steady. "I appreciate your consideration, but I have no interest in an arranged marriage."
Akira is happy with his life, but his parents are convinced he needs to get married. Written for [livejournal.com profile] hng_deathmatch. Akira/Hikaru, PG-13, 3,400 words.

The Perfect Plan
“There is no way in hell,” Waya scowled, “that I am helping you woo Touya Akira.”
Hikaru no Go crack!fic. Shindou has the perfect plan, but everyone else disagrees.

Like Sharpened Feathers, It Falls
Sweet, he’d said.
[livejournal.com profile] hng_prompts fic for the prompt of "sweet." Akari POV. Only 168 words.

Stones, Foxes, and Fights, Oh My
Touya Akira was a stone fox, thought Hikaru, staring unabashedly at Touya's ass.
[livejournal.com profile] hng_prompts fic for the "fox" short-fic prompt. Hikaru/Akira, fluff. PG-13ish.

A Winter's Lullaby
When he reached Konoha, he was diagnosed with hypothermia, mild frostbite, and lingering chakra depletion.
Kakashi's finding that some things are difficult to recover from. Kakashi (Kakashi/Guy), 2700 words, PG-13.

Not Exactly Shakespeare, or The Fine Art of Running Away and Tactical Retreats
"One has to wonder if it's all the perverts you're attracted to, or just the crazy ones.”
Last of the ones written for the kink-meme challenge (unless I get the urge again). Guy/Kakashi, Guy pov. NC-17 because of one scene. One must have patience to catch strays.

Seasons of Cloud and Shadow
The first time rain and Temari’s visits coincided, she stood in Shikamaru’s garden for three hours before coming in, soaked, shivering, and grinning from ear to ear.
Written for the second Naruto kink-meme. NC-17 for sex and violence (mostly sex). Temari and monsoon season. Shikamaru/Temari.

“Take it, Cuddle-bear. Take it like a bitch.”
Written for the second Naruto kink-meme. Sai/Naruto, terms of endearment, friction and/or frottage. NC-17, crack. If you're looking for porn, you may be disappointed.

Definitely not a Love Story
“I am not seriously considering this,” said Kakashi.
Guy woos Kakashi. Kakashi isn't exactly appreciative of his efforts, nor those of the village on Guy's behalf, and he just might be developing a phobia to flowers. Guy/Kakashi. Full Konoha cast.

Stepping Stones
If Gaara wanted something, he would ask. Meanwhile, Lee had a training schedule to keep if he wanted to open the seventh Lotus by the time he was twenty. There was only the burn of muscle and sweat sliding down his back; the curl of his fingers and the air against his skin.
Written for [livejournal.com profile] qbic1 for Sweet Charity. Lee, Gaara, Konoha, Suna, and growing up in a ninja village. Lee/Gaara, various, full cast.

The Opposite of Hallelujah
The dust settled slowly. Dirt coated the bodies strewn about like discarded clay dolls, clung to Naruto's skin like another layer of clothing. His blood pounded in his ears like frantic drums, and the sickly sweet metallic scent of blood hung thick in the air over the muted undertones of upturned earth.
Prompted beta fic for [livejournal.com profile] hello_scorpling. Those who burn brightest. Naruto/Lee.

Like Sandpaper Against the Soul
Naked was inadequate to fully describe the horror that was Maito Gai without his customary green spandex.
Crack response to one of the kink fic meme prompts. Shikamaru p.o.v. Guy/Kakashi.

Something Like Marital Bliss
Temari couldn't bake worth shit.
Written for [livejournal.com profile] aiwritingfic. Shikamaru never quite expected married life to be like this. Temari/Shikamaru

And It Comes Pretty Damn Close to Sand Coffins for Everyone
"Temari, if you make me kiss him, you will regret it."
Written for a dare for [livejournal.com profile] zorame, who also wrote one. Some members of Konoha and Suna play "Dare." Kiba p.o.v. Lee/Gaara, Temari/Shikamaru, implied Shino/Kiba.

Dancing Out to Little Deaths
Gaara's breath breezed soft against Lee's thigh. "Hold still." Lee did her best to stop moving, but it was difficult. Each puff of air was a warm promise kept, lips and tongue following soon after.
Also for the second Naruto kink-meme. Girl!Lee/Girl!Gaara femslash. NC-17.

Games Best Played
“That—” he loosened the ribbon, pulling it out of Lee’s mouth and down over his chin, “—would be acceptable.”
Technically, this could be considered incomplete, but I did everything with it that I wanted. It's not high quality which is why it's posted first on this journal and mentioned here last.
Unabashed porn with none of the usual pay-offs. Kink fic that is (in my opinion) really tame. Not really recommended reading, but it amuses me. Sakura POV, threesome, Sakura/Lee/Gaara.

The Best Worst Date
It was their first anniversary, and Gus had planned it out to the very last detail. These plans had not included a murder investigation.
Gus/Shawn. 2120 words. PG-13. This is for Aithine, who requested "Getting continually caught up in an SBPD case they keep trying not to get called in to help on" during my birthday weekend flash fic prompt post.

A Long Match Set to Kindling
When Morgan was five, her grandfather gave her a firetruck for Christmas.
Morgan Conrad and the people who wind through her life. Written for [livejournal.com profile] tl__dr and our Jules femslash birthday exchange. PG, 2,400 words, Morgan/Juliet.

Head Wounds Are Only Part of the Package
The first time was an accident.
Shawn has problems with Gus's girlfriend. Namely, that it's serious and it's not with him. Written for Steph for Yuletide's NYR challenge. R, ~11,000 words, Gus/Shawn, Gus/OFC

Like Christmas Morning, But With More Sex and Shame (and Shamelessness)
"You are the only person I know to do a walk of shame from his own apartment!"
The morning after the night they don't fully remember. Written for [livejournal.com profile] mizzmarvel for [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis's Fall Fandom Free For All. R, 1500 words, Gus/Shawn

Painting Lines on the Cliff's Edge
Lamaze breathing wasn't doing it for Gus anymore.
Shawn seems to be on a mission to send one of them to an early grave. Started for Porn Battle VI, but finished after the deadline. R, 2278 words, Gus/Shawn.

Interventions and Other Ploys
"'Charming, handsome, and a complete loser,'" Shawn read aloud. "'Shawn Spencer is a seeming catch, but his silly hair'--silly hair? My hair isn't silly. This takes effort, Gus, and several minutes to style every morning."
After yet another of Shawn's dates tries to kill him, Gus stages an intervention. Written for Porn Battle VI. PG-15, 1200 words, Gus/Shawn.

Dancing on Air and Water
It was only fourteen feet down, Gus reminded himself.
It can't last, but it's fun while it does. Written for Porn Battle VI, for the prompt "cliff-diving." Gus/Mira, R, 500 words.

Pundits and Politics RPF:
Over and Out
On Jon's fourteenth birthday, he kissed Jeff Larson, or perhaps for the sake of clarity, Jon should say that Jeff kissed him.
Of all Jon's false assumptions, he never expected Jeff Larson to top the list.
Jon/Tracey, Stephen (pretty much gen), PG-13, 3,500 words.

Stephen Colbert May Be a Traditional Man, But Jon Stewart Is Not an Honest Woman
"As you know, I'm a traditional man--" Stephen said and got down on one knee, reaching a hand into his coat pocket and withdrawing a small box. He snapped it open, revealing a glint of gold and diamond, "--and I think it's time I made you an honest woman."
Gay marriage gets passed in New York, and Stephen has plans. Jon/Stephen-ish, PG, 460 words.

Technology Is On Notice (Especially Apple and Its Gay Agenda Conspiracies)
"If you're going to kill me, please don't do it with your cell phone," Stephen pleaded from his position on the couch, barely lifting his head. "I don't want to give technology the satisfaction."
Stephen's iPhone is plotting against him. Written for an Open Thread for the prompt "Let's say Stephen is confiding in Steve about his feelings for Jon but accidentally sends the text/email to Jon himself?" Jon/Stephen, PG-13, 1,000 words.

Obama Is Like the Charming Mother-in-Law and Rahm Is Like the Scary Father You Know Will Take You out Back With a Shotgun If You Break His Daughter's Heart
"Do you remember what happened the last time I went to the White House Press Dinner?"
Jon takes Stephen to the White House Press Dinner as his date. Jon/Stephen, R, 1200 words.

No Blow Jobs Were Involved in the Making of This Story
"It was inevitable. Even the left-leaning, table-stabbing, tutu-wearing, knife-wielding liberals like Rahm Emanuel are helpless before my charm. It's only a matter of time before you're all members of the Colbert Nation."
Jon convinces Rahm to appear on The Colbert Report. Stephen is suspicious of his methods. Jon/Stephen, Rahm/Tom, Amy/Rachel, assorted, PG-13, 3000 words.

Cheesecake Is Poison But I Don't Mind
"STUPID LIKE YOUR FACE IS STUPID," and Jon didn't listen, just put his hands up Stephen's loose shirt, then pushed the tips of his fingers down the back of Stephen's pants, because who knew when the camera men Stephen was expecting would show up?
Written for [livejournal.com profile] charlie_d_blue. Jon/Stephen, set in [livejournal.com profile] charlie_d_blue's mafia-verse AU. R. ~2800 words.

Goes On
The show went about as well as could be expected
Omake to Cheesecake Is Poison But I Don't Mind. Jon/Stephen. PG-13. ~740 words.

No More Fairy Tales
It's not like Stephen is stalking Jon Stewart.
Written for [livejournal.com profile] slasheuse during the Rahmdom LJ Black-out party. Hints of Stephen/Jon and Stephen/Rahm. PG-13. 975 words.


Birthday fic
"I do not want to look at your sex toy, Rodney," John said, waving his hand at the door, "So if you'd just--"
Comment fic for [livejournal.com profile] tardis80's birthday. John/Rodney. Utter crack.

The Wrong Story
". . . I don't like that story."
For [livejournal.com profile] anna_luna's V-Day Exchange. Rodney tells a fairy tale post "Tao of Rodney McKay." John/Rodney.


The Wake and the War Drums
"If we're going to do this," Dean said, and he ignored that there was no real if there, "we're going to need a bed."
Castiel/Dean. 1828 words. NC-17. Warnings: Dubious consent (for drunken sex and Dean's headspace). 5x17 coda.

Some Whispers Around the Trees
When Sam slid into the passenger seat, Dean let out a long, slow, rattling breath, like the sound of the air slipping out of a still-warm corpse for the final time. He straightened and placed his hands on the wheel; the leather creaked under his grip.
Castiel/Dean. 3754 words. PG-13. The road was there, and the only way they knew was forward. (5x16 episode tag.)

Dean Won't Be Your Angel Condom
They're taking another stab at parleying with the angels through the intermediary of Zachariah the asshole ambassador, Gabriel there to wave his archangel wand and smite the shit out of Zachariah if he tries anything.
Castiel/Dean, Gabriel/Sam. 1107 words. PG-13. It's Gabriel's fault. (It's always Gabriel's fault.)

Möbius Strip
When Dean started fucking Castiel, Sam started stocking extra vodka and Jack Daniels in the trunk.
Castiel/Dean, Bobby/John, Dean/various, John/various, Lucifer/Sam. 3036 words. R. All roads lead to the same destination. Remix of The Love Story of John Winchester and Bobby Singer, As Told by Sam.

Things Dean Winchester Loves
"My brother is a moron," Sam told Castiel, "but he'll get there eventually. You just have to wait him out."
Castiel/Dean. 3622 words. R. Castiel makes a list, Sam gives good advice, and Dean takes a while to catch on.

Four People Ruby Seduced & One She Actually Fell For (Or: Ruby's Epic Love Affair with Humanity in General and Sam in Specific)
Castiel might have been an angel of the Lord, but Ruby was the best fucking demon in Hell or out of it.
Castiel/Ruby, Dean/Ruby, Jo/Ruby, Amelia/Ruby, Ruby/Sam, Castiel/Dean. 3743 words. NC-17. In which Ruby has a lot of sex, is not any kind of therapist that would be legal, and helps a few people out for her own reasons. (S4/S5 AU)

Five Lessons Dean Tries Teaching Castiel for Winchester Family Bonding (And One Castiel Figures out on His Own)
"It's not the destination, it's the journey. And this is journeying in style." Dean reached across Castiel and buckled him in, hands brushing Castiel's hips.
Castiel/Dean (with bonus John and Sam). 1759 words. R. In a world where John Winchester is the righteous man, Dean Winchester still gets the girl the angel.

Up Against
The brick of the alley wall was rough through the thin cotton of Dean's t-shirt, his jacket abandoned at his feet, and Cas's hands were warm, so warm as they pushed aside the cotton to palm Dean's hips, fingertips inscribing tiny circles into his skin.
Castiel/Dean. 1316 words. NC-17. In which Dean has minor trust issues and Castiel helps out by giving Dean a blow job against an alley wall. (No, really.)

Diner Death Match: French Fries Are The Ultimate Victor
Sam rolled his eyes and put down his turkey and rabbit food sandwich. "Of course Castiel doesn't care if you call him a girl, Dean. Gender essentialism doesn't matter to angels, because they have no gender."
Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (Castiel/Dean). 726 words. PG-13. Sam nearly has a geekgasm, Dean nearly has a foodgasm, and Castiel comes about his point obliquely. (In which angels have a gender, but Castiel is not a real boy after all.)

Skittles Never Tasted So Bitter (Or Sweet) As Family
"Castiel," Gabriel acknowledged, his smirk both amused and somewhat pained. It wasn't enough that the brothers Winchester had to stumble into his life again; his baby brother had to join the picture.
Gabriel, Castiel, and brief mentions of Castiel/Dean. 789 words. PG-13. Gabriel and Castiel take advantage of the commercial breaks to have a little chat. (Set during 5x08, "Changing Channels")

"Do I need to leave you and the pie alone together?" Sam asked.
Dean, Sam, the Imapla, and delicious, delicious pie. Gen, 147 words.

Tell Me That You'll (Open Your Eyes)
"Dean, look at me," Castiel's voice whispered soft and low in Dean's ears, dragging a curl of pleasure down Dean's spine at the sound alone.
Dean/Castiel, NC-17, 1,070 words. In which Dean proves that even in an established relationship, he is kind of edgy about this whole feelings thing.

Cas + Dean 4Ever
"Sam?" Castiel asked. "I have a request. Call it a favor."
Dean/Castiel, Ruby/Sam, NC-17, 10,700 words. Dean finds a diary that is like the worst "Do you like me, y/n?" letter in history, Sam helps Castiel with one of the most ill-conceived plans ever, and Ruby is highly amused by everything.

In the Aftermath
In the aftermath, Dean had beard-burn in tender patches across his neck and thighs, red marks along his chest and shoulders from Castiel's lips and teeth, bruises ghosting his hips where Castiel's hands had held and then guided him forward.
Dean/Castiel, NC-17, 409 words.

Assorted Prompted Flash Fic:

Prompted short-short fic:
(Doctor Who) DerekJacobi!MasterxDoctorxCaptainJackxDoctor'shand
(Naruto) Temari and/or Kankurou, exasperation
(Naruto) Team GaixSandsibs
(Naruto) NarutoxSakura yuri
(Naruto) LeeXGaara. Winking
(Naruto) Gai and...anyone (Jiraiya, maybe?) Opportune moment
(Hikago) Sai and his love of fish tanks and how it puzzles Hikaru
(Naruto) Sai, Naruto, social skills
(Naruto) Sakura attempts to explain to Lee that he's obviously gay
(Naruto)Kankuro (or Temari, or both) have to have the 'sex talk' with Gaara after he starts asking questions
(Naruto) ShinoxKankurou (Your bugs ate my puppet)
(Naruto) KankuroXChouji
(Naruto) Character interaction between Sai, Kakashi and/or Jiraiya wherein Sai reads the Icha Icha series
(Naruto) Itachi/Naruto - crack crack crack crack crack

Round Two:
Revenge, of a Sort
Naruto: Kakashi/Gai, anniversary
Lovers' Spat, or How My Sister Got Arrested for Domestic Violence and All I Got Was This Kinky Threesome
Naruto: Shikamaru/Temari, domestic dispute (think the kind that would land any ordinary person on Cops. Preferably over something REALLY stupid and overheard by the sandsibs+Lee+everyone within earshot)
Switches and Subs and Sand, oh My!
Naruto: Gaara/Lee, bondage
Love is Many a Sleepless Night
Naruto: Kiba secretly really hates bugs. Like, a lot.
The End of an Illustrious Career (and Beginning to a Beautiful Friendship?)

Naruto: Might Guy, Porn Star
Preference, or Lee's Gonna Get Himself Killed!
Naruto: Lee/Girl!Gaara
Of Plans and Inevitability (like a Black Hole of Sex and Stupidity)
Naruto: Sakura proposes a threesome
All the Warning Signs of Impending Teenage Angst and Embarrassment (but Especially Embarrassment)
Hikago: Waya having a MASSIVE DORKCRUSH on Isumi
Shadows and Lasting Impressions
Naruto: Naruto/Hinata ♥
Of New York, Bananas, and Missing Screwdrivers
Doctor Who: Sonic Screwdriver
Nothing Like the Fairy Tales, or That Birthday Kakashi Got Smashed and Guy Almost Got Laid
Naruto: Kakashi/Guy, First Kiss
Save Me, Jeeves! or Yet Another Adventure, in Which Wooster Plots, Jeeves Gets Pissed, and Bingo Once More Runs Away
Jeeves & Wooster: Jeeves, drunk - narration by Bertie

Round Three:
Naruto: When Shino was three, his father took him out to the woods to observe the insects. (Shino, gen)
Naruto: Right before Ino began at the Academy, she'd climbed with her mother to the top of the steps carved steep into the side of the hokage memorial. (Ino, gen)
Naruto: In the ensuing scuffle, Sakura's ribbon came undone and his hair tumbling down.(Sakura, genderswitch)
Naruto: He nuzzled her shoulder, inhaled the scent of antiseptic and faint sweat, tiniest traces of old wood and fresh flowers. (Naruto/Sakura)
Naruto: "So that's it," said Neji, watching as Naruto spun Sakura around and around. (Neji, Lee, assorted)
Naruto: On the first morning of the Revolution, Guy-sensei finally appeared, his horrified face gazing down through the screen of branches and leaves above their shelter. (Team Guy)
Naruto: In the spring, clumps of blossoms covered the branches and carpeted the ground, and its sweet scent added to the air of the garden's seeming haven. (Kakashi, gen)
Naruto: Naruto punched Sai right in his pretty boy, too smug, annoying, annoying face. (Naruto/Sai)
Naruto: Ash fell from the sky like snow, drifting softly and clinging to all it touched. (Minato, gen)
Naruto: The thing about sand and water mixing was that the sand clumped, became too difficult to manipulate. (Lee, Gaara, Naruto, gen)
Naruto: Red, blue, green. Lee flipped through the cards quickly, eyes shifting from one to the next to the next, before starting all over again. (slightly Lee/Gaara
Naruto: Lee's hair was dark like coal and his smile bright like the flame that lit the night and burned to the touch. (Lee/Gaara)
Hikago: "Fine," Hikaru said and shoved Touya onto the bed. "Fine, but do you really think it'll change anything?" (Hikaru/Akira)
Hikago: "I can't believe you lost it," Touya repeated, still in a snit. (Akira, Hikaru)

Drabble Trade:
Sighing heavily as though the weight of the world rested upon his shoulders, Naruto flopped to the soft meadow grass. (Lee/Naruto)
Naruto laughed nervously and waved an arm, drops flying from the sodden sleeve. (Naruto, Sai, Sakura)
The hunter's moon hung low and heavy in the sky. (Lee/Naruto)
There are some boxes that should stay closed. (Guy/Kakashi)
Guy ran his fingers along Kakashi's cheeks, his lips, traced the length of his nose.(Guy/Kakashi)
Enough senbon will hit, enough strikes will break through and break down the strongest wall. (Guy/Kakashi)
Kakashi looked from Guy to the dresser. (Guy/Kakashi)
The cicadas chirped their lonely song, and a single frog added its own dubious baritone to their chorus. (Guy/Kakashi)
Kakashi's eyes were wide open and staring down at Guy. (Guy/Kakashi, genderswitch)
Kakashi smirked and adjusted his eye patch. (Guy/Kakashi)
When the sakura litter the dirt and clog the puddles, when petals stick to shoes and slacks and everything they touch, Kakashi chooses to take advantage of a season of endings, beginnings. (Guy/Kakashi)
Kakashi always smelled of burnt clover and old ink, always had smears of it along his lips like he sucked on his pens while grading and imprinted in the whorls of his thumbs from the constant reading. (Guy/Kakashi, academic AU)
The scent of ozone was strong that afternoon, and Guy had only just finished closing his windows against the impending rain when the knock came. (Guy/Kakashi)
The thing about sand and water mixing was that the sand clumped, became too difficult to manipulate. (Lee, Gaara, Naruto)
Lee flipped through the cards quickly, eyes shifting from one to the next to the next, before starting all over again. (Lee/Gaara, Neji, Naruto, Tenten)
Lee's hair was dark like coal and his smile bright like the flame that lit the night and burned to the touch. (Lee/Gaara)
When Shino was three, his father took him out to the woods to observe the insects. (Shino, gen)
Right before Ino began at the Academy, she'd climbed with her mother to the top of the steps carved steep into the side of the hokage memorial. (Ino, gen)
Sakura pulled his pink hair back with a suspiciously well worn ribbon, thin in patches as though fingers had run its length many times over. (Sakura/Ino, Sasuke, genderswitch)
He nuzzled her shoulder, inhaled the scent of antiseptic and faint sweat, tiniest traces of old wood and fresh flowers. (Naruto/Sakura)
Neji eyed Lee, the way that he gripped his flute of punch tight, but not too tight; the ridges of his hunched in shoulders; the complete discomfort and control that he embodied at that moment. (Neji/Naruto, Lee/Sakura, Naruto/Sakura, Neji/Lee)
On the first morning of the Revolution, Guy-sensei finally appeared, his horrified face gazing down through the screen of branches and leaves above their shelter. (Team Guy, gen)
Once upon a time, there was a peach tree in the Hatake gardens. (Kakashi, gen)
Naruto punched Sai right in his pretty boy, too smug, annoying, annoying face. (Naruto/Sai)
Ash fell from the sky like snow, drifting softly and clinging to all it touched. (Minato, gen)

What do you mean you were elected emperor? (slash)
She pushed a hand through her spiky hair, trying to judge if green just wasn’t her color, or if she really was that pale, like fish left too long in the fridge. (het)
Mikah kept going, so Jakhob stopped and pulled off his left sneaker, hefting it in his hand, judging the weight, the shape, and Mikah's current speed. (slash)
For perhaps the millionth time since he'd met Jordan, Ezra contemplated murder. (slash)
Jordan grinned up at him from where he was strapping the heels to Ezra's feet. (slash)
Mathew continued to listen with fascinated horror. (het)
The closet doors were open to their left, sweaters and skirts and satin pants bulging out of its tiny space and beckoning to her. (femslash)
He'd been staring without blinking going on sixty seconds now. (slash)
You're not nearly so altruistic, Luk, as you pretend around your friend. (gen)
Luk was almost proud, if Zach would just stop throwing himself at the bars of his cage. (gen)

Hikaru no Go
Hikaru unbuttoned Touya's ugly puce shirt (and God, what had Hikaru said about not letting Touya's mother do his clothes shopping? No one ever listened) with trembling fingers. (Hikaru/Akira)
Touya seemed to be restraining himself from some handwaving of his own, or perhaps from smacking Hikaru. (Akira, Hikaru, gen)

Friendslocked stuff (i.e. works in progress and snippets)

Naruto crack AU snippets and another with Temari/Shikamaru
“You can’t mean to tell me you didn’t have provisionary plans for this,” she said.
I may never finish the Lee as Hokage crack AU, but I will probably post many, many more snippets of it. It is large and meandering. Maybe I'll finish it someday.

And a few things about me and my writing, if you're interested and have made it this far:

My regular fandom journal is [livejournal.com profile] everysecondtues. A lot of real life stuff has crept in to the journal, but its original purpose was so I wouldn't spam my rl journal with fandom stuff (as that had been happening on a fairly regular basis) and to keep my fan life and rl at least a little separate. I've largely failed in the second, but the first at least has been working for the most part.

I'm not new to fic or fic writing, but all my old stuff is so terrible that I want to be completely separate from it. I've pretty much disowned it all. Not that I think my new stuff is all that great, either, but in comparison every word I type now is literary gold. Seriously. The old stuff is really bad.

I like writing crack and serious stuff and sometimes both together. I like writing confession scenes and the reveal, but I hate having characters say "I love you." I love plot so very, very much, though you probably can't tell from this journal.

Sometimes I take prompts and I am fairly easy to bribe when it comes to that sort of thing.

This entry will be added to and edited as time goes on.

For reference for future prompts:

While I respect other people's tastes, I don't necessarily share them. To be blunt, I have several squicks, i.e. things I will not write, ever. Teacher/student relationships, non-con (whether rape or molestation or whatever), incest (with cousins and so forth, you have a little more leeway, but for the most part, I can't, excepting Vorkosigan saga, in which case I am a blatant, blatant hypocrite), large age differences . . . the list goes on. Thus, I may end up asking for something else if your prompt hits one of my squicks. I respect your preferences, but there are some I can't write or work around.

There are some fandoms it's easier for me to write than others. Naruto is my major writing fandom right now, but I'm willing to try others (as seen with the Hikago and Doctor Who above). Try me and we'll see if I know it. As for Naruto, I don't seem to be able to write for the Akatsuki. Sorry. ;_; I've tried, but it's never worked. Characters I really enjoy writing for include the Sand Sibs, the Rookie Nine and their teachers, Team Guy, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Iruka, Anko . . . if they're from Konoha, there are good chances I'll write for them.

I'm trying out having several main fandoms, including TDS/TCR, Rahmdom, and Psych. I can still write in Naruto, HP, early SGA, Hikago, and many others. Ask and we'll see.

Whatever I write, there are high chances it will turn to crack. I can (and have) written other, more serious pieces, but the temptation for farce is ever high.

None of the journal entries on [personal profile] tuesdayficarchived are guaranteed to be static.

Don't know where else to put this, so here it shall go.

An illustration that you really can turn nearly anything into anything else if you're obsessed and dedicated enough:

[05:41] Pye: Kakashi is peeping into Iruka's room every night. If Iruka falls asleep he would do something to let Iruka know he'd been there (take off iruka's hair band, mess with the table, on a warm night even stripping Iruka's bed of the blankets) after he'd done his "look but can't touch" routine. Iruka is freaking out, but embarrassed, and couldn't really confront the jounin about it. Then, on one night, when Iruka awoke and pretended he was asleep while Kakashi was trailing kisses down his throat, Kakashi murmured, "What took you so long?" before sexxing him to death. ^^; <== cannot be translated into guykakashi
[05:46] Pye: (I have silenced you with one paragraph. Hm)
[05:47] Me: Writing a response. :P
[05:50] Me: Kakashi peeped into Guy's room every night. He wasn't sure when or why he'd started looking in on his annoying rival, but the nightly vigil had become a habit, one he could no more shake than those damn challenges. Just to fuck with Guy, sometimes he would move things once Guy had fallen asleep--Guy's beloved spandex tossed out of his closet to drift gently over a chair; one of his ridiculous leg-warmers under the bed; kunai under the extra pillow to keep Guy's senses sharp--many little ways to let Guy know his rival cared and was creepily watching over him. Finally, finally, Guy bought a clue. One night, he feigned sleep as in Icha Icha Tactics, page 62, though Kakashi could tell by his uneven breaths that he was still awake. Guy only opened his eyes as Kakashi trailed kisses down his throat and chest. "Took you long enough," Kakashi muttered, before continuing on to his goal, punishing Guy with many little deaths for making him wait so long.


Someone please tell me there is someone more cracked out than I in this fandom. THIS WASN'T QUITE THE IMPRESSION I INTENDED TO MAKE HERE.


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