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This is an archive, ported over from [ profile] tuesdayfic on 4/17/2010. For most recent fic, see [community profile] tuesdayfic.

All snippets from abandoned works in progress and most of the RPF are locked. If you want access, you can sub this journal and I'll open access once I notice or drop a note either here or on any of the other entries. I've recently had a little trouble with bots, so if you don't have many entries or mutual subscriptions or have a recently created journal (or you just notice that I haven't opened access yet), please PM or drop a comment. Thanks!

This fic list isn't quite complete. Tuesdayfic on Delicious has the fullest compilation of my fic, but you'll get everything if you look here combined with [community profile] tuesdayfic (there's a little bit of overlap between the two).

This entry may change in the future as I reorganize things, but this journal will likely not be updated.

Finished fic:
Chuck )

Harry Potter )

Hikaru no Go )

Naruto )

Psych )

Pundits and Politics RPF )

Stargate: Atlantis )

Supernatural )

Assorted Prompted Flash Fic:
Round One )

Round Two )

Round Three )

Drabble Trade:
Naruto )

Original )

Hikaru no Go )

Friendslocked stuff )

And a few things about me and my writing, if you're interested and have made it this far )

For reference for future prompts )

None of the journal entries on [personal profile] tuesdayficarchived are guaranteed to be static.

Bonus )


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