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Title: Cas + Dean 4Ever
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Ruby
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,704 words
Summary: Dean finds a diary that is like the worst "Do you like me, y/n?" letter in history, Sam helps Castiel with one of the most ill-conceived plans ever, and Ruby is highly amused by everything.
Notes: This may be the longest author's note I ever write. The person most to blame for this is [livejournal.com profile] jmtorres, who stayed up several nights with me talking crack-fic, telling me all the funniest things that happen in the interludes, and giving me all the best Ruby lines. As if that weren't enough, she also betaed it. This entire fic was inspired by the first thirty seconds of Leave Me Alone, a fabulously cracky vid, even if this story and that vid have two very different narratives. I've been told to warn people not to google CBT or Lisa Frank. There's been some disagreement over which is worse for the unwary. If you google (or if you don't), please no mocking CBT (or anything along the lines of kink shaming), which is a valid kink, even if it's not one I (or this Dean) share. Feel free to mock Lisa Frank, because I love it and I can take the shame. A hard list is a list of sex acts someone is unwilling to perform, even with a partner they trust. I think that covers everything, but even so: google with care. No, this fic is not as kinky as the author's notes make it sound--you'll have to wait for another fic for that. If you have a massive, massive embarrassment squick (I know I do), you may want to skip the shower scene. Otherwise, I think you'll be fine. This story is placed very firmly in season four. Also, pretty much every story I write in this fandom is going to handwave something (character deaths, universe rules, whatever), and as much as I love Jimmy, this story's handwaving moment is everything having to do with Jimmy. I'm sure I'll write a story dealing with vessels and consent and so forth later, but as far as I'm concerned, for the purposes of this story, Jimmy doesn't exist, Castiel's body is his own, lalala no consent issues. If you have problems with handwaving, I can assure you that I am not the writer you're looking for.

As ever, everything I do in this fandom is to be blamed on [livejournal.com profile] lizfu, [livejournal.com profile] jmtorres, and [livejournal.com profile] shirozora. You are all fabulous enablers, and I love you. ♥

Dean wasn't snooping. )
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Title: Days Gone Brightly
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
Pairing: Belle/Beast
Rating: R
Word Count: 380
Summary: It wasn't so much the Beast she missed.
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] bessemerprocess declared this weekend WIP Amnesty Weekend, and I decided to go with it, but while gathering abandoned fic, I discovered this small one I wrote for Porn Battle. I ended up not posting it at the time because one, it is not so much with the porn and two, someone else had already filled the same prompt by the time I finished this. And then I forgot about it. So months later, here you go! It is finished, not abandoned, but it can be a nice start nonetheless. More (actually unfinished) fic to come later.

She loved him in spite of appearances, of names, of the shallow representations of the self. That was the point. )
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Title: Head Wounds Are Only Part of the Package
Fandom: Psych
Pairing: Gus/Shawn, Gus/OFC
Word Count:~11,000
Summary: Shawn has problems with Gus's girlfriend. Namely, that it's serious and it's not with him.
Notes: Thank you so much to [livejournal.com profile] imbrii, [livejournal.com profile] magicalbrains, [livejournal.com profile] lozenger8, and [livejournal.com profile] tl__dr for all of your help with this story. You are all made of win and awesome. Written for Steph for Yuletide's New Year's Resolution challenge.

(The first time was an accident.)
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I mentioned I might do this quite a while back, and now I'm actually following through. I'm setting them free! These are mostly probably definitely abandoned. Expect a lot of tiny, tiny snippets and jumping around, as I don't always do well with linear. I might poke at and pick back up one or two of these (or take and use bits for other fic), but don't pin all your hopes on seeing more of any of these:

Dresden: Genderfuck:
I looked from Marcone to the window and shivered a little. My smile was all edges when I turned back to him.  )
Dresden: Harry/Marcone resurrection fic:
There was a flash of light and the acrid stench of burning hair. )
Harry Potter: Neville/Luna, various (slightly more likely to be picked up, but maybe not, as I'm probably done with HP for a long, long while):
He stuttered to an awkward halt, face flaming, mouth dry, and watched Luna’s face carefully for any sign of derision, though with Luna it was hard to tell. )
Hikago: attempted blind_go zombie AU (I haven't touched this for a year, and it has too many problems; it's definitely abandoned):
Sai’s eyes were pinched, face paler than Hikaru remembered. )
Naruto: Lee/Gaara kidnapping snippet (there is actually a shamefully large amount more, but it is lost in misplaced notebooks and flash drives. You can tell it's much older in that I hadn't settled in to spelling Kankurou with the extended vowel yet):
Naruto )
Naruto: Abandoned kink meme snippets (from last November: Neji/Tenten, Shikamaru/Kankurou, Kakashi/Guy, Sakura/Ino)
There were many things she had never suspected about Neji Hyuuga before dating him. For one, she had never thought he'd be such a kinky fuck. )
Psych: Gus and Shawn in a familiar sci-fi setting:
Dude, I don't want to break your special personal space bubble, but- )

So some of those are freed because I haven't touched them in a long time, because I couldn't figure out where I was going, it would take too long, it was just plain horrible writing/plot/everything, the tone varied too much, it went in a direction I really didn't want, or various combinations of these reasons (and many more). I have a lot more in my wip folders (you have no idea how much more), but these are the ones I've set free and thus freed myself from feeling obligated to work on at all, ever.

As I said, there may be one or two I'll come back to (Dresden and HP of these look more likely than the rest), but it's a relief to take a bunch of things out of the wip folders. I know they'll only too soon be replaced especially if the Psych folder keeps increasing at its current rate.
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Title: Dancing on Air and Water
Fandom: Psych
Pairing: Gus/Mira
Rating: R
Word Count: 500
Summary/Notes: It can't last, but it's fun while it does. Written for Porn Battle VI and also available there. Written for the prompt "cliff-diving."

It was only fourteen feet down, Gus reminded himself. )
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Title: Stepping Stones
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Lee/Gaara, assorted (suffers from Nearly Everyone Is Gay syndrome)
Rating: R
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] qbic1, who is awesome and patient and won me via Sweet Charity. This thing has been beta poison, so extra special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hello_scorpling for doing a plot/characterization beta of this. Sorry that this isn't further betaed, but seriously. LIKE POISON. Thanks to everyone who tried. I am just glad to get this out of my wip folder. It's, uh, only a hundred or so off 11,000 words. I was originally thinking one to five thousand. Ahahaha, so wrong.

Originally this started as just Lee/Gaara with the intention of showing what many people in the village thought, but it ended up sprawling out with so many different viewpoints into a bunch of smaller stories set chronologically and centered around the story of Suna and Konoha moving from being tense, temporary allies to having built strong ties of friendship and a permanent alliance, as well as working out some of the problems I can see inherent in a relationship between Gaara and Lee. I may try re-writing this someday without so many weird self-imposed rules (like only repeating Lee and Gaara's povs, no major character death, etc). But not for a very long time.

The first time Lee noticed Gaara watching him, he ignored it. He only caught a glimpse of moving sand from the corner of his vision and he continued the kata smoothly, letting it draw him in, losing himself in the flow from form to form. )
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Title: Transition (the "eight twisting steps to mudblood normal" remix)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] everysecondtues (fic journal [livejournal.com profile] manicjoy)
Summary: Draco's not okay, but he's getting better all the time.
Fandom: Harry Potter (books, diverges from canon after book four)
Pairing: Draco/Hermione (brief implication of Ron/Harry)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: JKR's characters, part of Riko's storyline.
Original story: Transition by [livejournal.com profile] riko
Notes: Thank you to my awesome beta, [livejournal.com profile] sahiya. Any mistakes or problems contained herein are my own entirely, but they're much less and the fic is much better because of her.

This has honestly been a really awesome experience and I had a lot of fun reading Riko's fic and writing this remix.

One thing (one of the few things, because Draco may have fallen far, but he wasn't a blood traitor, not yet) he was finding it easy to like about Granger was that she didn't pry and didn't expect any sympathy in return. )
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I'm still taking and filling requests for the tiny-fic prompts, but here are those I've finished now in the process of stress relief.

Team Gai - melody )
Akira/Hikaru - coffee )
Lee/Tenten - accidental )
Kankurou - sip )
Team 8 - discord )
Sasuke - scrape )
Yotsuba - spare part )
KakaRin - precursor )
Temari/Tenten -Temporary )
Team Gai- The Golden Years )
Rodney - lemon )
Gai/Kakashi - Say What? )
Gai -  )
Lee/Gaara -  )
Gaara - twirl! )
Sai - Naruto explains to him what 'faggot' means )
Kiba/Shino - the trouble with sleeping with mutts is ... )
Gai/Kakashi - teenagers, pranks )
Tsunade & Shizune: Office politics )
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Usually the linking goes the other way around when it comes to [livejournal.com profile] manicjoy and [livejournal.com profile] everysecondtues, but because there's inclusion of fan art and other things, I'm hosting my (shamelessly stolen from [livejournal.com profile] anna_luna) Valentine's Day exchange on [livejournal.com profile] everysecondtues.

The full rules and such are listed in the actual entry, but the basics is a like for like exchange, so if you'd like to trade fan-fic, fan-art, or so on (and we can work fic for art or art for fic if you don't draw/write), please come join me.


And I'm still working on fic. I think a lot of things in many different fandoms may be finished at once. Or not. Both Sweet Charity buyers are allowing me to share, so expect a Naruto fic and one from Doctor Who at some point in the coming couple months. I'm also working on fic for Hot Fuzz, SPN, HP, and more.

I did a slight fic tease on [livejournal.com profile] everysecondtues a while back with snippets from some of the works in progress.

Also, I wrote something for Hikago for the "fox" short-fic prompt at [livejournal.com profile] hng_prompts. It's short, Hikaru/Akira, and mostly fluff.

Stones, Foxes, and Fights, Oh My:
Touya Akira was a stone fox, thought Hikaru, staring unabashedly at Touya's ass.


Happy Valentine's Day!

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(Nearly) All of the responses I wrote for the prompts I took during December. A few are left out because they're not finished, or have morphed into monstrously large and rather rabid plot bunnies. There are twelve, most Naruto, but also including Doctor Who, Hikaru no Go, and Jeeves & Wooster. I'm hoping not, but the Jeeves & Wooster may also be expanded to the large fic it keeps begging to be.

Listed by fandom and prompt:

Naruto: Kakashi/Gai, anniversary )
Naruto: Shikamaru/Temari, domestic dispute (think the kind that would land any ordinary person on Cops. Preferably over something REALLY stupid and overheard by the sandsibs+Lee+everyone within earshot) )
Naruto: Gaara/Lee, bondage )
Naruto: Kiba secretly really hates bugs. Like, a lot. )
Naruto: Might Guy, Porn Star )
Naruto: Lee/Girl!Gaara )
Naruto: Sakura proposes a threesome )
Hikago: Waya having a MASSIVE DORKCRUSH on Isumi )
Naruto: Naruto/Hinata ♥ )
Doctor Who: Sonic Screwdriver )
Naruto: Kakashi/Guy, First Kiss )
Jeeves & Wooster: Jeeves, drunk - narration by Bertie )
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Fandom: Naruto
Word count: 2,986 10,098 7,491 (word counted with the omake at first, sorry. The omake I like will be added in another post eventually.)
Characters: Kakashi, Guy, most everyone else I could include from the series--this bitch is damn near the full Konoha cast.
Genre: Crack, prompt fic, romance of a sort
Snippet: Kakashi held up a hand. “We’ll pretend this never happened.”
Notes: Guy woos Kakashi (crack rival wooing stories! It's what I'm writing lately). Kakashi is not exactly appreciative of his efforts. Neither is most anyone else in the village, except those who are laughing. They are sadly numerous.
Written for [livejournal.com profile] imbrii for a prompt she gave me after she wrote for me her idea with Temari/Kankurou that is just full of win and awesome.

Guy's team was staking out Kakashi's apartment. )
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I couldn't think of anything, [livejournal.com profile] aiwritingfic, so I asked [livejournal.com profile] lizfu for something random while she was drawing, and she said "cookies." So here you go. Shikamaru/Temari, but with cookies. <3

Something Like Marital Bliss )


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